"To be an inspiring model that provides a creative digital experience for the beneficiary"


"Effective use of technology and human resources and strengthening the relationship with the beneficiary in accordance with the best digital practices to support the university's mission and progress"















"Determined to provide professional and high quality IT products and services through the adoption of a culture of quality with continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction as well as compliance with standards, statutory and regulatory"


  • Ensure products and services satisfy customers, both external and internal, and conform to all standards, rules, and regulations.

  • Create and nurture people of quality by continuous education and training.

  • Commit to showing leadership and bearing the responsibility for establishing, implementing, integrating, and maintaining the Quality Management System.

  • Strive for continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System using the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, and performance evaluation including audit results, corrective actions, and management review.

  • Conduct periodic quality system audits to monitor, measure, evaluate, and enhance the performance of Quality Management System regularly for continual improvement and conformance.


  • Improve Customer Satisfaction - satisfy new customers, achieve higher levels of satisfaction of loyal customers.

  • Improve Processes - through teamwork aimed at reducing scrap, rework, waste, cycle time variation, etc.

  • Improve Product/Service Quality - through teamwork aimed at reducing defects, returns, change requests, ‘within spec’ variation, etc.

  • Improve On-Time Delivery Performance - through better planning and resource management.

  • Improve Supplier/Contractor Performance - through timely supplier corrective action and supplier development activities.